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Featured Artists

Heather Anders

An artist since the age of 5, Heather Anders sees the world through her art. Her choices of vibrant colors and whimsical images are always peaceful, dreamy, bright and brilliantly cheerful, human characteristics which are dear to her heart and this is what she shares.

Creating from her imagination, Heather’s designs employ Hawaiian earth tones painted in acrylic and India inks. She incorporates tribal tattoo motifs, creative Polynesian Tapa designs, draped around hand drawn petroglyphs and Hawaiian honu. The finished works represent collective memories of Hawaiian life and experiences, mementos to be shared by all. This is Heather’s way of perpetuating the spirit of Aloha.

“I find joy in bringing together vibrant tropical colors and traditional Hawaiian motifs to create a dreamy island style.”
—Heather Anders, Artist

Erwin Dazelle

Erwin Dazelle, is a 3rd generation master glass painter and internationally renowned artist from the Basque region in the South-West of France, he has been following in his family’s footsteps and has been honing his skills ever since creating his first piece in his father’s studio at the tender age of five. Since then, he has cultivated his signature “Naïve figurative with Classic traditional and graphic illustrative compositions” which are based on his roots in stained glass compositions and techniques, which help reveal and accentuate the lines in his works creating a personal and bold harmony of colors in all of his pieces.

Since selling his first canvas in 1997 his unique style has proved overwhelmingly successful, resulting in creating commissioned art for over 22 years for such distinguished corporate clients as, Hyatt Hotels, Relais & Châteaux, The Radisson Group, Cannes Hotel de Paris and the Palace Hotel in Monte Carlo, to name a few.

Erwin specializes in Painting, Sculpting, and Sketching.  His most popular medium is oil on canvas but he has created numerous bigger-than-life murals over the years along with unique “graffiti” style pieces and ultimately where it all started, glass painting.

It is hard to classify styles and themes but we created 3 galleries that help break down his work.  Motor and action sports, city and cultural, and “Vin”, which pays homage to the rich history of producing wine.

Erwin has attained global notoriety for his signature “Vin” series of paintings which have been exhibited and sold to clients around the world and draw heavily on his affinity and proximity to the vineyards in France. His “Vin” paintings can be found at wineries in Jurançon, Bordeaux, Champagne, Navarra, Tuscany, Switzerland, and California.

Stephen Fishwick

Stephen Fishwick is a world renown artist, entertainer, philanthropist and speaker. For the past two decades Stephen has traveled the globe with his performance art to inspire audiences from corporate America, foreign dignitaries, theme parks, and international venues.  Some of his most notable clients include Disney, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Sea World, Lexus, and NFL.

Stephen has earned the title of official artist for such intellectual properties as Elvis Presley Enterprises, the estates of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Pink Floyd, AD/DC, Rush, and Kiss. Stephen’s highest honor was to be asked to join the elite team of official Disney Fine Artists.

Featured at zoos and aquariums throughout the world, Stephen’s For Life Collection supports the plight of endangered animals and his goal is to do everything he can to educate, support and celebrate our precious wildlife in a big way. He has partnered with World Wildlife Fund, the San Diego Zoo and Ocean Connections to actively make a difference in this plight.

Stephen’s artwork is known globally and distributed through thousands of chains on the licensing and original artwork front. Stephen has been licensing his artwork for the past 13 years with his colorful images on apparel, wall decor, puzzles and countless other products. 

Stephen’s art has been inspired by the masters as he has studied Salvador Dali, Norman Rockwell, John Singer Sargent, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. He brands his style as “Spontaneous Realism” noting “a painting isn’t complete until I can hear the voice or story coming through it."

Stephen is passionate about using his art and story to help people of all ages to embrace their unique abilities to make a lasting impact. As a sought after speaker and live performance artist, Stephen loves sharing stories of inspiration, under-estimation, rejection, practice, failure and never giving up.

Fishwick 2.jpg
Guyton Updated.jpg

Patrick Guyton

Born in Pennsylvania in 1964, Guyton had the groundwork set for his artistic career at the age of 6, under the guidance of his father, Michael Guyton, an award winning fine and commercial artist and his mother, Anita Guyton, an Interior Designer and miniature (scale) artist.

In 1984 he attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied the fine arts, sculpture, and design theory. He graduated with an Associates Degree in Visual Communications. Since moving to Southern California in 1987, he has worked as a fine and commercial artist doing airbrush illustration, murals and signage.

In 1997 Guyton joined Linda Jones Enterprises/Warner Bros. as a background painter for legendary cartoonist and animator Chuck Jones. During which time he was privileged and honored to study under the late Maurice Noble. Guyton designed and painted many background scenes for Jones, most notable being the background scene for the "Whats Opera, Doc?" Limited Edition Animation Cell which was included in the films induction into the National Film Registry, an honor bestowed on only 100 films to date for being among the most culturally, historically or aesthetically significant films of our time, becoming the first-ever animation film to be inducted.

Guyton was also commissioned by Looney Tunes/McKimson Productions where he became the background painter for classic animator Robert McKimsons cell art, working on McKimsonis Limited Edition Sports Animation Cells. Having studied the work of a variety of masters such as Michelangelo, Tiepolo, Monet as well as Rockwell, Earle, Noble, Bisley and Roth of the 20th century, Guytons career has encompassed many different fields.

During these studies he combined the 14th century Kamakura Period in Japanese leafing and the 17th century Flemish Masters technique of glazing to create his Moments in Time series. Then in 2008 Guyton was discovered by famed Publisher David Smith, who published Christian Lassen and was the creator and owner of Michael Godard Fine Art that represented the world famous artist Michael Godard.

Guyton has been established as one of the most influential artists of the 21st century. Guytons ability to design with sophisticated detail brings drama and poetic expression into his work. With his unique vision, he merges mood and atmosphere, evoking powerful emotions that create harmony.

Christian Masot

Christian Masot is a multifaceted artist who loves to share his passion for creativity and imagination with others. He earned his degree from Montclair State University with the intention of becoming a teacher but Christian’s natural talents pulled him in a different direction. He was offered an apprenticeship at a well known tattoo shopw here he learned the skills and techniques to begin thriving in the tattoo world. Fast forward fifteen years, he now owns and works out of Silk City Tattoo in Hawthorne, NJ. He has developed his own unique method with a well-roundedability to create several styles of tattoos but specializes in color, realism, and Japanese pieces. He aims to provide his clients with one-of-a-kind, original work. He is dedicated to providing outstanding service and ensuring that his clients will love their tattoo forever.


Christian has made quite a mark in the tattoo community. He was recently named artist of the year by Aquarian Magazine and has been featured as a consultant on Spike TV's Tattoo Rescue. He has also been the recipient of numerous tattoo awards including Best in Show, Best of the Day, Best Sleeve, Best Black and Grey, and Best Color at tattoo conventions around the country. Despite his successes, he has remained humble and is constantly working to acquire more knowledge to enhance his craft.


One of Christian’s main goals is to inspire other artists and hobbyists to take their artwork to the next level. What started out as a dream is now becoming a reality with Blackbird Gallery and Art Studio located in downtown Jersey City. The studio space was opened by Christian in October 2015 and has received awonderful response from guests since its inception. With a focus on fine art, the gallery represents a different dimension of Christian’s work. The classes and special events are aimed at both novice and professional individuals who are looking to acquire new skills and build on their artistry. The schedule at Blackbird caters to all ages and provides lessons in drawing, painting, and photography. The gallery also welcomes visitors who just want to view the revolving exhibits. Other services offered include private events to celebrate any occasion and wedding photography.


Christian is an ambassador for Pentel of America as well as Canson; he has represented both companies the past few years at New York Comic Con painting and drawing on the main floor at the Jerry’s Artist Outlet booth. Christian’s love for art is often reflected outside of the tattoo shop and gallery. It’s not surprising to find him painting in his home art room or taking photographs in his down time. 

Christian Masot.jpg
Thomas Stiltz.webp

Thomas Stiltz

After a successful career in professional photography and graphic design, Thomas Stiltz began painting full time 25 years ago. He developed his style of realism through an exacting manipulation of materials, a photographic visual language, and the use of old world techniques, applying many layers of glazed oil paint. Using these methods, he imparts intensity, depth, rich color and light effects. He views his paintings as optimistic art, creating and inventing wonderful visions that express the shared pleasures of sight, taste, sound, smell and touch.

Thomas Stiltz received his Bachelor of Arts in painting and Master of Arts in photography and design from the University of Delaware. One painter to influence Stiltz is Cézanne, whose still-life’s show devotion to the solidity of objects and form revealed through color. Stiltz’s paintings also reflect the inspiration gained from his studies of the works of Jan Vermeer. It is apparent from Stiltz’s work that he is impressed with Vermeer’s depiction of the interaction of light and objects, his emphasis on detail, and the effect of diffused light on backgrounds and shadows.

The paintings of Thomas Stiltz are created with a devotion to old-world techniques, often using many layers to build up the paint surface. Backgrounds are glazed with many layers of color for depth and richness, and objects are rendered with a strong emphasis on naturalism.

As a graduate student traveling through Paris in 1972, Thomas Stiltz developed his taste for fine wine. Experiencing French cuisine enhanced by just the right wine led to a life-long interest in the world’s best wines. Stiltz’s unique contribution to art is his ability to transfer the entire experience of wine from one palette to another.

Exhibited by some 50 galleries worldwide in the United States, Canada, and China, Stiltz has developed an international reputation among collectors around the world. He has been commissioned to produce works for many wineries and private patrons. His studio and home are located in Maryland where he lives with his wife Sheri; together they have raised daughters Jennifer and Julie.

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