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Emerging Artists


Philip Alleman

The son of immigrants from the Netherlands who came to the United States to live the American dream, Philip Alleman had dreams of his own while growing up in New Jersey.  His youthful artistic abilities fueled his desire to express himself personally in a variety of ways and he did so by drawing cartoons and creating elaborate freehand sketches.  As he matured and wanting to share his talent with a larger audience, he branched out by designing logos, painting storefront windows, and large and small wall murals, which ultimately led him to his greatest pleasure, painting with acrylics and mixed media.

After Philip met and married the love of his life, he knew that he would need to balance the realities of what was needed to support and raise a family with the artistic expressions he wanted to share with the world.  He earned several degrees (Bachelor of Design from UF, Bachelor of Architecture from FAMU, Master of Science in Construction Management from FIU, & an Associates of Science in Computer Animation from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale) in order to work in the professional field of architecture as well as teach Drafting at a Technical College.  Philip is a LEED Accredited Professional specializing in Building Design + Construction with expertise in the design & construction phases of green building, serving the commercial, residential, education and healthcare sectors.  Philip also obtained a professional certification as an Architectural Certified Drafter by the American Design Drafting Association.  Throughout his career in the architectural, construction and teaching industries, Philip never lost sight of his dream or his passion for artistic expression.  So, in 1989, Night Own Designs, Inc. was born, the name not only being a tribute to his dedication of working hard during the day to support his family, but also to staying up late and working around the clock on his designs and creations.

Philip appreciates and relishes his powerful spiritual and emotional connection with the natural beauty that exists in our everyday lives.  Often the simplest things are overlooked by most, but he connects to them easily and always looks to nature for inspiration.  Whether abstract or realistic, his use of color and technique in his paintings draws the observer in, evoking their senses of excitement, joy, calm and peace.  His diversified works of art are both intricate and simple, with colors perfectly woven to create the sense of a powerful journey. 

Philip’s determination has never allowed him to give up on his dream… that was never an option.  He continues to express himself through various forms of artwork and is grateful to be able to share them with collectors around the world.

William Lynch

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”

Welcome! My name is William Lynch. You can call me an artist, but I think of myself more as someone that appreciates the potential of a blank canvas and enjoys the experience of transforming it through experimentation with different textures and colors. My artistic journey started with woodwork, creating handmade flags, took a pit stop in the world of linoleum prints and currently finds me in the land of acrylics, canvases and spatulas. Inspired by some time in Cape Cod, many of my recent pieces revolve around acrylic abstract and deconstructed sunsets. I also create more intentional pieces using acrylic inks and dyes. Lately, I have focused on hearts and crowns and somewhat abstract, up to interpretation, figures.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Middletown, NJ and currently live in Miami, Fl with my wife, son and four dogs. Really, I’m just a Star Wars quoting, Big Bang Theory watching regular guy who loves to hike, surf and mountain bike. I never imagined my life would take me to the point where I get to make art every day and share it with people who appreciate what I do, but since that’s where it’s brought me, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting my page and taking an interest in my work. If you like anything you see, feel free to purchase it directly through this site or contact me for further information. I’m also open to discussing commissioned and custom work. My email is

May the Force Be With You.

William Lynch.png

Nduhira Sadat (Elseed)

I started doing art as a hobby in Kampala Uganda that was helping to empower youths through their artist talents in 2008. From there I met with very many different amazing local and international artists who I have become friends with and have been very inspirational to me. I learned many artistic styles from different artists and their variety of mediums. I always find it very exciting and wonderful to study these different techniques and styles.

I became actively an established and commercial artist in 2010 when my fellow youth from the ghetto (slums) and I discovered that art has a good potential and opportunity of communicating to the communities (Art for social positive change) and of course as a source of earning a living. Making creative paintings using acrylics & oil while painting on canvases, murals on street walls were my preferable mediums until now.


Also, my artworks carry very important messages that I am trying to portray. One common message in most of my artworks is awareness of the endangered wild animals that need protection, and that humanity really needs to understand that we need each other while also depicting African Culture.

Angel Tighe
(Angel Feathers Studio)

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to draw. As an only child, the best gift was a box of 64 crayons with the plastic sharpener in the back and a pad of blank paper. I could draw for hours listing to my favorite music.

Later I found other mediums including clay, fused glass, water color, acrylics and fun with mixed media.

I have studied at the Art Students League in New York, The Art Institute outside of Washington DC, as well as a few in-person and online workshops. However, I feel my true style is mostly self taught through intuition and experimentation.

I love to make people feel good with my work. Life is colorful and I like to reflect that in my art.

Thank you for visiting my world, I hope it makes you smile and maybe even find a piece to call your own. Please feel to reach out with any questions or even just comments, I would love to hear from you.

Angel Feathers.jpg
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