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Enhance your art collection with this unique and stunning piece titled "Dragonfly On Red And Gold" by Chris Derubeis. The artwork features an abstract dragonfly design airbrushed on aluminum and hand signed by the artist himself, ensuring its authenticity. It comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by Park West Gallery, making it a valuable addition to any art collection.


This single piece painting is a licensed unique piece from Florida, USA. The use of mixed media production technique on metal material gives it a distinct appeal. Its theme and subject is centered around the dragonfly, making it a perfect fit for any art lover fascinated by nature. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this masterpiece that is truly one of a kind.

Chris DeRubeis "Dragonfly on Red & Gold" Mixed Media

  • Shipping and handling price is for deliveries made in the continious United States. Please contact for shipping rates for international deliveries as well as shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and other U.S. territories.

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